PDex, 2016 (Pars Decoration Exhibition, 2016)

  • 6th Specialized Exhibition Of Kitchen, Bathroom, Sauna And Jacuzzi


  • 2nd Exhibition Of Architecture, Interior Design And Decoration


  • 13th Specialized Exhibition of Ceramic, Tile and Decorative Stones.


PDEX is an international event, for domestic and international decoration and construction companies and professionals.

The exhibition combines a dedicated trade days for exhibitors to meet one-on-one with the constructing trade and a consumer and suppliers can showcase their offerings and products appeal directly to potential customers.


Architecture & Design

Design & consulting construction
Residential design and consulting
Office design and consulting
Commercial decoration design
Façade & Building display design
landscaping design consulting
Building renovation & Reconstruction

Interior, Public & Open Area View

Automatic Control Systems for Doors & Windows
Glass & Solar Protections
Green Spaces & Plants
Special Irrigation & Fountain Equipment
Facade Coverings
Covers & Special Design For the roof
Alcove and greenhouse

Modern Installation technologies

Air Filtration Systems
Water Treatment Systems
Anti-Sediment Materials
Special Equipment for Pools & Saunas
Air Conditioning equipment
heating & cooling Equipment
Tube & Connections
Sanitary Valves

Furniture & related accessories

Outdoor furniture
Garden Furniture
Decorative furniture
Modern furniture
Sports furniture
Medical furniture

Interior Design

Residential interior design
Commercial interior design
Office interior design
Trade show & Exhibit design
Swimming pool & sauna Design
Kitchen Decoration design
Landscape and garden design

Prefabricated Houses & modern Materials

Wooden & Concrete Prefabricated Houses
LSF Prefabricated Houses
ICF Prefabricated Houses
Ceramic, Tile, Floor Coverings Coated with Anti-Bacterial material
Prefabricated Materials
Energy & Sound Insulation
Wall & Ceiling Coverings


Contractor Services
Publications & Websites
Insurance Services
Academic Centers
Organizations & Institutions

HVAC modern Technologies

Air Purification and Filtration Systems
Water treatment systems
Sediment debugger
Special equipment, pools and saunas
Air conditioning

Lighting & smart building

Lighting and lighting equipment
Green spaces & Fountain Lighting
Facade Lighting
BMS Intelligent building
Remote Control Systems
Building security systems
Chandeliers and modern lighting equipment
Professional lighting with fiber optic, LED and laser


Green Home (Environment Friendly)
Solar Energy Technologies
Paint, Wood & Additives
Wall Coverings, Paint, Paper

Decoration accessories and material

Decorative stones
Parquet flooring and carpeting, Tar layers
Wallpapers & wall coverings
Joinery of Woods and Metals (Fences, Guards, etc.)
Thermal wood, poly wood
wooden tiles (floors, outdoor)
curtains, Shutters & Shades
Decorative glass, glass tiles & glass blocks
Irrigation equipment, Fountain, aquarium, Etc.
Electronic hardware
Artistic decorative products

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