Planning, Organizing, and Staging a Successful Exhibition requires industry's knowledge, experience and use of modern media and technology. More than 9 years of intensive experience in the field, access to the global know-how, working with expert human resources and use modern technical facilities enables us to realize customer’s requirements and expectations and these factors lead us to be one of the best and most well-known exhibition organizers in Fars.

Rasha Diar Pars Co. and its subsidiaries have been engaged in the following industries:

  • Construction of exhibition sites
  • Administration of exhibition sites
  • Organizing local and international exhibitions and events
  • Booth construction and decoration and related services
  • Production of modular booth construction and home & office furniture
  • Marketing consultancy (especially for more successful exhibition participation)

Rasha Diar Pars consists of two main departments including:

  1. Exhibition Organizing Dept. which is specialized on Constructing exhibition halls, exhibition sites management, organizing trade shows and marketing consultancy.
  2. Construction Dept. which is mostly specialized on exhibition related industries such as booth construction, interior design, furniture and exhibition displaying materials.